"Hou(bb) Got JR?"

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Nov 4, 2009
A very generous trade from Jim(Houbb) arrived at my doorstep. I noticed J.R. Richard was going to be at a signing close to Jim; and Jim was considerate enough to attend and get it for me....My nephew will love these additions to his collection....

J.R. Richard OMLB with "78-79 King K's" one of the most underrated pitchers imo...for those who did not see much of him(myself included) go check out his stats from 76-80...pretty remarkable.

and the others in this are sweet, too!!(i dig the Winfield!)


thanks for reading!!
thanks everyone!!once again, this is a superb illustration of why i enjoy The Bench and the great people on here...

most outstanding additions...I have been trying to get Baines TTM for a bit now, all look great

i have some others of him FT if you are interested...
It was my pleasure, Chris! I hope he enjoys the sigs!

For those of you wondering just how good J.R. was before his stroke in 1980, just remember one thing: In 1979 the Astros new owner, Dr. John McMullen, made Nolan Ryan, author of four no hitters (at the time) and the single season strikeout record holder the first $1 Million a year player in MLB. As great and as devastating as Ryan was, he was the number 3 starting pitcher on Houston's staff that season, behind Joe Niekro (#2) and Richard (#1). Yes, even Nolan will tell you J.R. threw harder. Both were just scary. Simply scary.
thank you so much, Jim...
i will once again echo the fact that JR is probably one of the most underrated pitchers of all-time...that 5 year run is absolutely ridiculous...