How can anyone NOT root for the Saints?

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Jan 19, 2007
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Wellington, OH
O.K., if your team is still active, I understand.

My team is done so I'm a temporary Saints fan. Never been to Nawlens but it's on my list.

ok who is the Cardinals backup QB? They may need to use him after that hit ouch!

I'll say. That was a slobber-knocker!

This game is starting to remind me of the Cardinals/Panthers Championship Game last year. The only difference is that the Saints are favored.
saints will lose the superbowl if the chargers go to the superbowl but any way other not happening no will beat the saints but the chargers
It's been on my list for years. I hear it's a great place to go see a football game. I think my Steelers play there next year... save me a ticket!

Come on down!!!!
I just got back from the after game party on Burbon Street. It was unreal.

If my team is not in it, I like to root for new teams that have never won a Super Bowl or haven't won one in a long time.

A Minnesota or New Orleans vs San Diego or Jets would be nice.
Living in Mississippi, there are a ton of Saints fans around and they are annoying as hell. I can't stand the team just because of their fans - I always pull for them to lose. The last three games of the regular season were awesome, especially the first loss! :D
Well Im from New Orleans and I believe we are great fans. Every Team has there annoying fans. That is no reason to pull against them. By the way the team that beat them for there first loss had a great game today. Did they even show up?
Saints will have to play well to beat the Vikings who are very good on both sides of the ball. Good Defense usually prevails over Big O teams. JMO.