How Many "Limited/Numbered" Joe Montana Cards Exist?

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Bench Warmer
Aug 22, 2022
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I tried to figure this out some time ago and I came up with the number of 100,000. I'm going with 250k now. These are numbered out of /10 or /99 or /299 etc. One set of parallels can easily have 500 cards included. If you want to buy a Montana card that is numbered out of /99, your choices are nearly endless now and there is no actual scarcity of desirable stuff like this. "Limited" is just a marketing gimmick for Montana collectors at this point if you ask me.

10 to 15 years ago his game-used jersey cards were selling for $40 to $50 according to my memory (I bought several). They sell for a bit less now in general, so they are losing ground compared to market trends and inflation.

How many 1 of 1 signature cards? Including Leaf? lol. Leaf dominates the market for 1 of 1 Montana sticker autos and its a bit of a running joke with me now. I'll bet there are more than 2,000 1/1 Leaf Montana sticker autos out there.