How to display thicker cards

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Apr 8, 2008
How do you guys put thicker cards on display? I've seen frames for thin/regular cards, but not thicker ones. What's the best option out there?

If you're willing to spend the bucks they make holders for virtually every type of card. Do a search for "baseball card display" and/or "baseball card holder" and you'll find them.
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Are you looking for a wall mount display? If you are I have not seen any that will take the Sweet Spot thick cards. If you have the time and skills you could build on your self. Some time ago a member showed how he displayed a GU set with a extra thick frame he got from a craft store.
I'm not much of a craftsman haha. I am looking for either a wall display or even something to sit up on a shelf
I have one card that takes a 10 count Snap-Tite,..I don't move it much,but it's well protected and fits perfectly,.
I haven't shop product in a while but they use to make a U shape plastic clip
that fits perfectly on a simple Top-Loader.They are great to have around too.
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