HOW TO SEARCH FOR ADDRESSES ON THE BENCH (Please read before requesting!)

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Jan 27, 2006
Rochester, NY
First, if it's an active player, send c/o their team.

Second, search the "TTM Addresses" database. It's in the blue bar above.

Third, use the "advanced search" function:

1) Click the arrow next to "search" to open the drop-down, then select "Advanced Search."

2) On the "Advanced Search" screen, do these three things:
a) Put the name of the player in the search box. Just a first or last name. The more unique the name (search "Reggie" as opposed to "Jackson," "Harnisch" instead of "Hernandez"), the more likely you will be to get a hit.
b) Under "Search Options," select the "Show Results as POSTS" radio button.
c) In the "Search In Forums" box, go down to the bottom and click on the grey "Autographs" line. That will only search this forum, not the entire site.

3) Search!

To view individual posts, click on the underlined, italicized text that is in the smaller grey box on each post. Clicking on the bolded title will bring you to the first post in the thread, not the post you're looking for.

Hope this makes sense -- if I need to clarify something, please let me know!
Jack - here is the address for Dave Morehead I used and had a success in about a month. Hope it helps.
Dave Morehead
13872 Glenmere Drive
Santa Ana, CA. 92705-2812