Huge Mail Day.

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Nov 3, 2007
Hidden Valley Lake, Ca
To many to scan and get posted here - all the IC's are scanned on my site already Here, will be scanning cards to my site hopefully today. Got a ton in from Obed, puts me just within reach of my collecting goal.

First TTM 295 Days - Doug Bair '87 Fleer Glossy and '78 Topps

Then in from Obed - Thanks man,a dn again congrats on the new addition.
Bill Dawley 3x5
Billy DeMars 3x5
Billy Hunter 3x5
Billy Koch 2002 Fleer Gold Backs #443
Bob Del Greco 3x5
Bob Shaw 3x5
Brian Harper 3x5
Champ Summers 3x5 (Lined)
Chris Bando 3x5
Chris Enochs 1998 Bowman #184
Chris Singleton 3x5
Danny Kravitz 3x5
Darrell Osteen 3x5
Daryl Patterson 3x5
Dave Giusti 3x5
Dave Wickersham 3x5
Denny Walling 3x5
Dick Williams 3x5
Doc Edwards 3x5
Don Larsen 3x5
Ed Figueroa 3x5
Ed Sprague Sr. 3x5
Eddie Joost 3x5
Gary Alexander 3x5
Gene Tenace 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's WS
George "Doc" Medich 3x5
Gino Cimoli 3x5
Gus Zernial 3x5
Hank Foiles 3x5
Harold Baines 1991 Donruss #748
Hector Lopez 3x5
Irv Hall 3x5
Irv Noren 3x5
Jeff Fiorentino 1987 Donruss Opening Day Logo #251
Jerry Walker 3x5
Jim Gentile 3x5
Jim Landis 3x5
Jim Marshall 3x5
Jim Nettles 3x5
Jim Pagliaroni 3x5
Jim Perry 3x5
Joe Coleman 3x5
Joe DeMaestri 3x5
Joe Ginsberg 3x5
Joe M. Morgan 3x5
John D'Acquisto 3x5
John Jaha 2000 Stadium Club #104
John O'Donoghue 3x5
John Rheinecker 2002 Bowman Chrome #294
Jose R. Santiago Sr. 3x5
Jose Tartabull 3x5
Juan Pizarro 3x5
Keith Ginter 2005 Topps #543
Ken Hamlin 3x5
Kirk Dressendorfer 1991 Bowman #235
Kurt Suzuki 2006 Bowman Chrome #FG39
Lary Sorensen 3x5
Lenny DiNardo 2008 Topps #14
Manny Trillo 2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams 73 #88
Mark Bellhorn 1997 Bowman #167
Mark Redman 2004 Topps 1st Edition #412
Mark Wagner 1985 Topps #581
Mike Davis 1985 Topps #778
Mike Hegan 3x5
Mike Kingery 1992 Stadium Club #862
Ollie Brown 3x5
Omar Quintanilla 2005 Bowman #141
Preston Ward 3x5
Randy Ready 3x5
Randy Schwartz 3x5
Randy Velarde 1999 Topps Traded #T119
Rick Rodriguez 3x5 (Lined)
Rodney Scott 3x5
Ron Darling 1992 Topps #259
Shane Komine 2006 Topps 52 #178
Stan Javier 1990 Upper Deck #209
Tim Conroy 1985 Topps #503
Todd Burns 1989 Topps #174
Tom Saffell 3x5
Tommy John 3x5
Tommy Sandt 3x5
Willie Horton 3x5