Huge set completion!!!

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Apr 3, 2008
Dalton, GA
With today's mail, I have now finished the entire set of 1994 Stadium Club First Day Issues. It's a large set of 720 cards with only 2,000 of each card ever printed, making it one of the toughest sets that I will ever complete in my lifetime!

Whenever I find the cable that connects my digital camera to my computer, I'll be sure to add some pics to this thread.
thats awesome.. thats a nice set of nice looking cards too....
Awesome completion! Just to think, in 1994, when the set was put out, who would have ever thought it would be able to be completed.
Gotta love the internet. Great job!
Here's some pics of some of the more valuable cards in my set. Thanks for looking.



I loved that set when I was growing up! Congrats on completion, I am one card away from my first set completion and it's a big one.
Congratulations. Did you ever get any of the fake 1st Days while trying to complete the set? I remember reading stories after they came out about people taking an exacto and cutting off the 1st day stamp from a common and transferring it to a bigger name to make more $. Just wondering if they were fairly simple to detect or if you really had to look close?
Job well done! What was the hardest card to get? What was the most expensive card? How long did it take from start to finish? Best regards, David
Thanks for the responses. To answer the questions:

1. I worked on this set between 3-4 years. It would have taken probably another 5 years, except I ran into a huge bit of luck when I found a collector who gave up on the set and he sold me about $1000 BV worth of the set for $200. No real reason that I started it, except that I had a couple of the cards and thought it would be a nice challenge to complete. Now that I have it, I'm really proud of it.

2. The hardest card to get was actually a common, #608 Karl Rhodes. I was down to about 80 cards or so left and I had actually located every card except that one. Finally, after trolling Ebay night and day for 3 months, it was included in a lot. I needed 5 or 6 other cards from the lot, so I made sure I won that lot.

3. The most I paid for any one card was the 2 Will Clark cards. I was down to under 10 cards left and I just said heck with it and ponied up. I paid $23 for each Will Clark.

4. As for fakes, I did not ever purchase a fake, though I knew about them and have seen a few. I'm always careful checking my cards, but a fake of this set is quite easy to detect. First off, the transferred FDI logo is never put into the card seamlessly. A good card you can rub your thumb over it and the only thing you feel is the logo inscription. You can always feel the slightly raised edges of a fake. And most fakes, the transferred logo is either slightly off place or has some clipping issues on the edge from the trimming. The foil is nearly impossible to remove without damaging it. Most times when people fall for a fake from this set, it's because the scammer puts it in a case where you can't actually get a good look at the logo. But actually taking the card out always tells the truth.

Thanks again for viewing my set.
Wow, nice work! I would imagine that is a very hard set to complete, especially back in '94. Pretty jealous over that Ryan!