Huge shutout to reickholt and some new cards ft

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That's supposed to be "shout out" it's a positive thing lol
Just wanted to say how great the traders are on and a special thanks and praise goes out to reickholt who is a fellow twins collector who unselfishly traded me the final piece to my '10 topps chrome rainbow ref "twins" set which was the delmon young red ref/25, which throughout the 6 yrs I was working on it he contributed many of them thru trades.
So I hope to pay it forward and help other collectors out as reickholt and the great traders on here have

I've added some stuff to the bucket I picked up at a recent show,check em out
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This is a great site and I too have made many trades with great traders on this site! Nice of you to give credit to Reickholt for his efforts!!!! Rich