Human Highlight Day


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Awesome day of IP, Purchases and TTM


Bobby Doerr
6 days

Reggie Harris
1 Month

Purchases from Ebay/SCN

Dominique Wilkins- JSA Certified
Scipio Spinks- only $7 for a tough signer for my astros collection

In Person
Eduardo Najera- 3/3- Great Guy, told me he likes the dunking card because he cannot do that anymore cause he is too old and unathletic.



Awesome pick ups, Darrell! People don't realize it today, but Spinks had electrifying stuff back in the day. I thought the Astros were getting fleeced when they traded him to St. Louis for a young left hander named Jerry Reuss. They were trying to balance out their rotation with a couple of lefty and made the deals to bring Reuss and Dave Roberts to Houston. Both turned out to be pretty good deals for Houston. Reuss went on to win a ton of games in his MLB career and Roberts was a solid lefty in the rotation for a few seasons before being sent to Detroit. As for Spinks, he started strong for the Cardinals in 1972, got injured, and was never the same again. Still, his is one of my all time favorite baseball names.