Hunting for Grizzlies

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Mar 23, 2004
Went down for the Grizzlies and they definately had to be up there with the best NBA signing teams.

Darrell Arthur 3 cards
Mike Conley 2 cards
Marc Gasol 3 cards
Rudy Gay 2 cards
Hamed Haddidi 3 cards
OJ Mayo 8x10, 1 card
Zach Randolph 1 card
Hasheem Thabeet 1 card, SI
Jamaal Tinsley 2 cards
Sam Young 1 card
Lionell Hollins 1 card
Damon Stoudamire 1 card
Nice, I just sent to a bunch of the guys on that list, hopefully they are as good TTM as they are in person!
I know that NBA guys tend to not do mail. Guessing a lot of it is that their mail is not easily accessible for the players to do. Hope you see some come back though

Nice, do you attend a fair amount of Pacer games? Ever graph the P's?
I do attend a decent amount of Pacer games. I typically do the Pacers during their FanJam as well as some of the local signings. At games you typically see 3-4 guys out on the court and its always the same guys.

Very cool! How was Mayo? I watched him in high school and the hoopla around him then was a circus.
Mayo was decent. I got the photo when he was out and about and it is pretty nice. The card was loading the bus and he took one marker and ran with it and is really sloppy. I began watching him in high school as well when he was on the cover of a high school magazine with local Greg Oden.