I feel this is a HUGE steal, or am I overthinking it?


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Looking through eBay for some Sheff I found this jersey. Signed by most of the 2008 Detroit Tigers. 75 shipped, and the guy has decent feedback and seems to sell tons of authentic autographed jerseys. Theres no question to me that Sheffs signature is authentic on there, so I don't have any doubt that the others should be too.

I'm going to frame it, already have a very nice frame for it to hang it up. Any thoughts?



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I actually bid on this auction, but the Ichiro made me leery. I obviously didn't bid very high and didn't win. Something just doesn't seem right and all of his items seem to be priced too low. New seller can be one reason, but why would someone even allow an Ichiro to sell for $12, let alone with another bunch of cards with it???

If the autos are legit, there are some people getting sweet deals right now!\