I have been silent, but not inactive...



Okay, so I haven't been posting much. Sorry 'bout that. Here are some recent IP successes...

I loved watching this guy play when he was in Houston...

The Magic...




An HOFer...and maybe a coach of the year?


It's good to have this guy back. Yes, this is the scarce variation of only 1,000 pieces ...


I met this guy and he told me how to pronounce his name...


The last one was for my daughter. She was inside enjoying a concert and I got this outside for her. Fortunately, there were some screaming teenagers there to help me out...

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Last few days

Evan Gattis 2013-2014 Topps
c/o Astros ST

Casey Candaele 1988 Topps, 1988 Score-both for trade
c/o home

Ricky Nolasco 2013-2014 Topps-both for trade
c/o Twins ST

Robbi Ross Jr. 2014 Topps US-for trade
c/o Red Sox ST

Tyson Ross 2014 Topps US-for trade
c/o Padres ST

Chris Iannetta 2009 Topps-set hit, 2012-2013 Topps-both for trade
c/o Angels ST


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You have some CRAZY awesome stuff in your bucket, thanks for posting these cool successes!

God bless,

Kevin Mc