I Need a 2016 Diamond King Variation #144 Conforto with gray jersey

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I've got one to trade. Any numbered Pirates?

edit: I'm interested in the GQ Marte auto/relic
Do you have cards from my wantlist for the Marte?
Do you have a wantlist.? To find ser. numbered Pirates I need to go through my cards manually. My lists are by numbers.
Trade Bait in my signature.

A couple tougher Pirates I have sitting on my desk:
2016 GQ Mini 305 Foil Kiner
2016 Heritage Foil 424 Purple Refractor

I have some of your set wantlist cards FT including '15 Donruss SP's and '16 DK's if interested in trading those for the Conforto.

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I've got one- anything from my post linked in my signature?

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