I started a New Mets set and I need a lot of help

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Hi all,

I started a New Mets set - 1990 Kenner Starting Lineup, and I need most of the set
Here are my needs

1990 Starting Lineup Mets (Want List): New set as of 2/18/16, Thanks to Jimi Thayer, Trading Bases, VCT/OCT. (No numbers on these cards).I need
2 Wally Backman
18 Ron Darling
22 Len Dykstra
28 Dwight Gooden
40 Gregg Jefferies
41 Howard Johnson
57 Jose Oquendo
65 Nolan Ryan
67 Juan Samuel
75 Darryl Strawberry
80 Frank Viola

Any help would be Appreciated
Happy Trading,