I thought this one was a goner...

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Never had any TTM successes with him before, even though I tried quite a few times over the years. However, a couple of years ago I thought I would give him another shot. Today, I pulled this out of my mailbox...

Clyde Wright 1/1 2 years
c/o Angels

Yes, it was another set hit for my 1976 Topps set!

I used to love watching him pitch when he was with the Angels and the Rangers. Never saw him pitch when he was with the Brewers. If I'm not mistaken his 22 wins in 1970 is still the Angels team record for wins in a season. It's been tied before (Nolan Ryan did it, I believe) but it hasn't been broken since.
So great. I think I'll send my 1976 topps c/o Angels this week so I can pull it out of my mail box in 18 months!
Very nice buddy. I will have to try and pick him up somehow. I know that I don't have him yet. Congrats on the awesome set hit! :)