I Want to Bring a Sports Card Show to L.A. - Looking for Vendors!


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Hi! I'm looking to begin a sports card show that will be located in Culver City. I've got a location (The Culver City Teen Center--it has ample parking and is situated in a nice, safe area and is large enough for 40 or more tables; also, the parking lot is close to the center = easy transfer of the items you're selling) and have added up all the expenses. To successfully do the show I'll need to fill 40 tables.

Ideally, I would like to do the show once per month on a Sunday. The show will run 9-4 and dealers can begin setting up at 8:00 AM.

No date has yet been set for the first show but I would like each show to occur the first Sunday of every month. Once I find enough dealers to fill 40 tables I can schedule the first show.

Tables are $60 each (each table is 8' X 2.5'). Of course, dealers can reserve as many tables as they'd like and chairs will also be provided.

I'm committed to making this show a success as there are no monthly sports card shows located in or close to Los Angeles.

Any excess funds left after I pay the rental, insurance, and the city tax certificate/recycling charge/etc. will go toward having an athlete sign for those in attendance for an hour or two--I plan on having a current or former professional athlete sign at every second or third show as this will bring the show more exposure and treat the attendees to some autos and time meeting the athlete.

A bit about me: I've collected sports cards for almost thirty years. I was at the Vegas Industry Summit in March and was challenged to do something good for the hobby.

If interested in selling or if you would like to be alerted once I know the date of our first show so you can attend, please respond to this ad. I hope to bring a great card show with quality vendors to Los Angeles. Thanks!
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