I want to talk about an Ebay Seller

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Jan 22, 2007
570 Panhandle circle Maysville, Georgia 30558
I got a package a several days ago from an Ebay Seller that come
with "Loose in the mail" stamped on it with staples in the top of
the bubble mailer. There was only 4 of the 8 gameused cards
and an extra bonus from the seller.

I was upset with the post office but, didnt want to damper down on
what Intent the Game Used were going to be used for.
I contacted the seller just to let him know that the package arrived
like that and told him it wasnt his fault that I just wanted him to know
Incase it happened before or if it happens again.

The Seller and I communicated a few more times and he wanted to
make good where the post office made bad and I sent him an email
telling him its alright and not to worry about it that its the post office

You know he went ahead and made up a lot and sent them out to me
regardless that it wasnt his fault. He also mailed it priority and really
took a cut on what he received from me to correct the post offices
wrong doing and today I received items he sent me a message on
and man did he go out of his way.

His Ebay I.D. is garymrlumpy2u and went above and beyond on making
something good that he didnt have to and is a good genourous person
In sending all these great cards on something he had no control over.

Gary's Persistance is unbelievably great and really made a goodday
a great one, all the cards he sent will go to Matt to give as gifts or
trade for Yankee Legacy cards

Heres some of the great cards Gary Mailed

1997 Bowman Roy Halladay #308 PSA-8
1998 skybox dugout access Derek Jeter #124 Beckett graded 8.5
(Has a game used uniform incased by beckett)
1999 Pacific #294 Derek Jeter Beckett Graded 8
(Has a game used uniform incased by beckett)
(3) 1987 Topps traded Greg Maddux #70T each USA graded 9.0
1987 fleer update Greg Maddux #u-68 PSA 9
A handfull of rookies.

Man, what a ebay seller. Thanks Gary.:)
I will also in liue to the genorosity include the other card I received today
in the mail with this lot to send to Matt.
What an AWESOME seller! Just for that, I'm going to go search his store and see if there is anything I can use!


*Also, that is a GREAT thing you did as well in donating those cards!
I am glad the seller stood behind his mistake. If he would have taped the bubble mailer closed, it may not have come open. It was nice of the Post Office to seal (staple) the bubble mailer for you, so you would not lose the rest of the cards.

I am glad it worked out for you and happy to see ebay sellers fixing things that go wrong in the mail.
Can't believe he compensated that much for a mistake that wasn't his. Nice guy.
Nice to hear of a postive story regarding the hobby and Ebay instead of another rant--that I think we can all agree we see enough of these days. Thanks for sharing that:)
Thanks for sharing a positive eBay story. Too often we only hear about the bad guys. I'll have to check out his auctions.
There are plenty of good ebay sellers out there, you just seldom hear about them.

Depending on how it was sealed it could have been his fault...regradless...great story!
Its good to see everyones replies and that your
all uplifted instead of ticked off by another ebay

TJ, your right man, I accepted it as my fault for not
purchasing Insurance. Gary went out of his way when
he wasnt required to and the auction was a "free shipping"
auction to begin with.

Jeffo, Despite all my angst with the post office on a few
things, your right, it was nice of them to seal the package
and not allowing the rest to get lost but, the package
was opened or slit at the top just enough to slide a card
out of the package.

I looked at the adhesive and one corner was peeled back
Im assuming to view contents before slit was made.
The remainder of the packages adhesive was intact
I suspect fowl play. Someone also wrote on back of
mailer "Maddux Jersey".

There was a few puncture marks where the cards would
set at the bottom of mailer but not through the bubble
packaging just through the paper where you could see inside.
about the size of a dime.

It's good atleast some of the couriers were honest and made sure
I got what was left in a safe manner.
If you suspect foul play you should contact the postmaster general. It's a sacred trust "You DO NOT screw with the mail" and they take it very seriously.
That is a nice thing when someone steps up. It is a little too rare these days, unfortunately.

Regardless of who's fault it may have been though, it is a great transition for how nice it would be to somehow teach common sense to the masses. A little effort on the front end, and some may even call it "going above and beyond", but it goes a long way to prevent things like this from ever happening.

There are two areas I wish had a mandatory tutorial and minimum requirements in order for the general public to function on ebay:

1) How to properly list an item and write a suitable description.
2) How to properly and safely package items for shipment through the mail.

Sure, #1 can get you sweet deals if you are clever enough to work the system. However, I find more frustration in how people list items and it is usually something that makes the item more difficult to find, completely lacking in details or key information or are just overall poorly written/presented. I'd rather pay a fair price for something and find it than to lose it because it was worded so poorly that it missed my search parameters!

#2 is a no brainer, you would think, but I continue to get items w/o proper protection (loose cards for example w/o sleeves or toploaders), poorly or non-sealed envelopes, items that are too big/small for the package, etc. Maybe it is laziness, frugality, ignorance, apathy or even something else. Maybe it's a bit of them all! Why is it so hard for so many to properly & safely package an item? I've heard all the excuses when I get something in a poorly packaged manner..."I have never had a problem before", "You didn't pay for insurance", "That would have made shipping more expensive...you got a deal!" and more.