If i bought a card that was graded a 9.5 raw when i send it in is it guarenteed a 9.5

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Dec 5, 2006
Northern V.A.
If i bought a card that was graded a 9.5 raw when i send it in is it guarenteed a 9.5. i bought a Ryan Zimmerman 2005 SP authentic 9.5 for a decent amount...just worried if i send it in it wont grade a 9.5?

According to the people over at Beckett, if you submit a card for grading that has already been through a Raw Card Review, it will not receive a lower grade unless it has been physically altered or removed from its protective case or if there is clear evidence it has been tampered with. It could receive a higher grade depending on the service level of grading (BGS, BVG, or BCCG). Most cards submitted, however, will be reslabbed in the standard grading case, serial numbered, and labeled with the same grade as the RCR. I haven't had first hand experience with this so I am just going off of what they attest to (and we all know how well that works sometimes).

Hope this helps.
ok thank you...i dont really understand any of the other grading services other than BGS and PSA...i mean i do understand it..but i dont know why someone would choose anything over than the most recgonized brands BGS and PSA cause that would mean higher resell value i would assume
I know what you mean. I did a trade with someone a few years back and in the mix were some "grademycards.com" graded slabs. The cases were bigger than the standard ones and the card bounces around inside of it.

Unfortunately, anyone that gets certification can become a card grader, although, the bigger companies tend to hire the more experienced people (at least that's what they report).
i would think beckett would have to stand my there raw grade or they would look kinda dumb.