I'm a newbie and just saying hi.

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Oct 20, 2010
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I came across The Bench yesterday. It looks like a great site.

I started collecting a long time ago - 1957 to be exact. But like most people, kind of fell away from it as high school and college took my money elsewhere. Next thing I knew, I was married with two kids. That is just about when card trading was reaching it's new levels of popularity as Fleer and Donruss joined the fray. So I picked up a few sets in the 79-80 timeframe. From 80 to 90 I added a set or two each year. Then the budget got too low and card collecting went to the back burner again. Now here I am - back going through my old cards and deciding what makes sense to collect.

I decided I will try to collect one card of each player who played in at least one major league game and appeared in one of the major base sets. The timeframe I am using is 1957 to the present. I am currently doing the inventory of who I have and who I don't have. Since I chose Bowman as one of the "major base sets" I am finding that there were quite a large number of players who only appeared in Bowman sets. And it was often several years before their call to the "bigs". I guess Bowman must have gone with a hit or miss rationale with a lot of young players.

Once I have my needs list straight, and my have list published, I'll be ready to trade. I look forward to the experience and making new friends.
Welcome to 'The Bench'.
Sound like a big task you are taking on. Good Luck.


Yes, Bowman started the 'prospecting' thing with the very-recently drafted players around 1997ish. It was their marketing attempt at having the first cards available of the 'big name' minor league players. It's gotten a bit out of hand, but that's our hobby in general today.