Incredible 3 days IP & TTM

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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
I went to Texas to visit my family and went up to Arlington to catch a Rangers game with thehalk and some of his buddies while I was close to Dallas. We went to get autos at the tunnel before the game and also got a bunch inside when the gates opened & after the win (11-1 spanking of the Twins). Here is what I got at the ballpark:

Darren O'Day - 1/1
Omar Vizquel - 1/1
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - 2/2
Eddie Guardado - 2/2
Willie Eyre - 2/2
David Murphy - 3/3
Tommy Hunter - 1/1
Kevin Millwood - 2/2
Matt Harrison - 2/2
Mike Maddux - 2/2
Jason Jennings - 2/2
Frank Francisco - 1/1
Steve Busby - 3/3

I got back and had a pretty decent couple maildays too while I was out of town...

Darren O'Day - 1/2 (15 days)
c/o Texas Rangers Clubhouse
1000 Ballpark Way
Arlington, TX 76011

Nell Fortner - 1/0
c/o University of Auburn Women's Basketball

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd - obtainted from kingsfaninri
Bobby Doerr custom card - via trade w/ kingsfaninri
John Powell - purchase from card shop
Ken Hill - purchase from card shop
Jon Shave - purchase from card shop
Carlos Pena - purchase from card shop
Maurice Ager GU - purchase from AllStarPitch
Drew Bledsoe GU - purchase from AllStarPitch
Josh Hamilton GU - purchase from AllStarPitch
Andrew Miller GU - purchase from AllStarPitch
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Sure didnt...I am hoping to go back soon and try my luck again. The ones I have though are from the second series. Would you wanna try to send me a couple and see if I can get them when/if I make it back?
Okay cool, I will let ya know when we go back. I am hoping to head back that way in September sometime for a game or two and hopefully have a day like I did on Thursday.
I think that recently I-Rod has become more of a generous signer for some reason from what I've seen. If I ever get a chance to complete my Pudge trifecta (Card, Ball, Jersey), I'm going to do it. Such a class act in Detroit.

If any of your extras are available for other IP AU's or if you plan on doing 50/50 at all, lmk as I would be interested.