Individual Cards and Team Sets for Trade

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Jan 17, 2021
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Here are links to my trade lists in Google Sheets. You should be able to sort them according to each column:

Mott Sports Cards Trade List

Mott Team Sets For Trade

I collect Chicago Bears cards and am interested in making both individual and team trades. I am including my vintage want list because I am interested in more vintage Bears cards, but I only have a three vintage cards to offer as trade and I am afraid they are not in the best condition, but I would trade them for cards off of my list that are in similar conditions. I am including pictures of those actual cards for your reference.

For team sets, I have broken each team down according to Base cards and Parallels, Inserts, RCs. All cards included in those are from 1994-2020. For a list of the best cards included then check out my Trade List, the cards for that team that are less than $5 are included in the team sets. Almost all of them are in NRMT or better condition. I am interested in trades for a similar number of base cards and parallels, inserts, and RCs. I am especially interested in Bears cards from the early 00's. The best trades would include some of the cards on my want list since there are numerous low-end base cards and inserts included on that list.

Below are my want lists. Cards highlighted in orange are incoming.

Mott Football Card Want List

Mott Vintage Football Card Want List


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