Indoor soccer address help


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This is a major longshot. Any soccer collectors here? Specifically old-school, American indoor soccer?

I've been working on a Meiselman-style address list I'm selling for former Indoor Soccer players. I'm starting it out as just those who appeared in the 1987-88 through 1991-92 Pacific MISL sets. That's 253 players. I've found 218, plus 8 who have died, so I'm short on 27 of them. Anyone know anything about there whereabouts of these guys?

Craig Allen
Terry Brown (likely in St. Louis, as he played for the Storm and is from there originally)
David Byrne
Rod Castro
Ben Collins (recently divorced and lost his house)
Dalibor Cvitanovic (was coaching in Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Claudio DeOliveira
Ron Fearon (working as a teacher in Ipswich, UK; I have an address, unverified though)
George Fernandez (possibly in Hawaii)
Jose "Poli" Garcia
Jan Goossens (was coaching in Netherlands)
Omar Gomez
Damir Haramina
Jason Hasford
Bobo Lucic (may be in Bosnia-Herzegovina or Macedonia)
Nenad Markicevic
Nenad Nikolic
John O'Hara
Paul Peschisolido (likely in UK; married to a member of the House of Lords)
Erik Rasmussen (likely in Netherlands)
Frank Rasmussen (likely in Netherlands)
Terry Rowe (likely in UK)
Eloy Salgado (likely in Dallas-area, appears to have had some legal troubles lately)
Chris Simon
Garry Stanley
Stan Terlecki (likely living in Poland)
Chris Whyte

If anyone can help me fill in these gaps, you'll get a free copy. And you will be lauded as a hero and showered with praise.


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Just an update for anyone interested, the list is pretty much complete. I'm down to only about six where I have no info and have tapped out every resource I have. Those six are David Byrne, Claudio DeOliveira, Nenad Nikolic, Frank Rasmussen, Eloy Salgado, and Stan Terlecki. Five of those six are believed to live overseas (DeOliveira is the only one I'm unsure on; Byrne is likely in South Africa, Nikolic is unknown but likely in the former Yugoslavia, Rasmussen is likely in Denmark, and Terlecki is in Poland), while Salgado is in the US but has been in and out of legal trouble since retirement.