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Mr Bobo

5.00 star(s)
Jul 11, 2010
Grand Rapids, MI

Mr. Bobo here...and glad to be!

I just got back into the hobby in the last 2 months.

Looking forward to becoming part of the community here and building my Detroit Tigers collection.
This guy is one of my favorite traders. I have done alot with him. No hassle straight trades. We get what we like and dont bleed each other dry trying to get as many cards as possible. I would deal with anytime and fully trust him.
Welcome my friend hope to trade soon,
Welcome. Any Tigers stuff in particular?

I am just getting ambitious enough to think about going after Topps Team Sets from the beginning to present.

The Topps Million Card Giveaway has helped with that idea...and I haven't totally narrowed down my collecting focus beyond that yet, but really feel like I need to soon (I am rapidly running out of space and my wife is on my case - LOL).

Thanks everyone as well for the warm welcome and the nice words by redsox...really appreciate that!

Looking forward to many trades!
I can also vouch for Mr Bobo, he probably dont reconize me under this name. But we have traded a few times on other sites where I go by Jx2. Excellent trader and fast shipper.