IP Autographs for Trade

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Sep 15, 2009
Randolph, New Jersey
Some of my Newark Bears IP autographs for trade...I went to almost all of the Newark Bears home games this summer and i got tons of autographs. Enjoy! Here are the things i want to trade...

Signed OMLB's:

Tim Raines
Armando Benitez
Keith Foulke
Mike Torrez
Scott Williamson
Carl Everett

Signed signature cards:

Carl Everett (2)
Charlton Jimerson
Rob Mackowiak
Scott Williamson
Keith Foulke
Armando Benitez
Ramiro Mendoza (2)
Tim Raines (2)
Chris Spurling
Willis Otanez
Willie Banks
D'Angelo Jimenez
Ron Karkovice (4)
Juan Tejeda
Tracy Thorpe (2)
Shane Komine (3)
the OMLB on the sweet spots? what are u looking for the raines and evrett? also i the doc gooden OMLB FT? what are u looking for in return? thanks chad
Are either Everett cards from the Mariners? If not how much value are you putting on the Everett ball?

Is Carlton Jimerson on a Mariners card?
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