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Apr 17, 2008
Arlington, TX
Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco had the annual Heroes Baseball Celebrity Game, which I hounded for the second year in a row. Better year this year than last year...

Ben Grieve, 2/2 customs
Greg Swindell, 9/9
Mike Modano, 1/1 card (for a 50/50 from another board), 1/1 photo
Warren Sapp, 1/1 custom (had a brief verbal altercation with an usher on a power trip just after getting him)
Toby Petersen, 3/4 (2 customs)
Bradie James, 1/2 customs
Nancy Lieberman, 1/1 IC
Donald Faison, 1/1 IC (Turk on "Scrubs")
Daryl Johnston, 1/1 custom
Jason Kidd, 1/1 IC

Not a bad day's work.
congrats and who won you or the usher?

We'll call it a draw, haha.

Sapp was signing in the middle of the game, just laying out in foul territory and having a batboy run things from the fans over to him and back. One usher up close didn't care, an on-field security guy didn't mind. It wasn't interrupting anything. Hell, we all even crouched down so as no to block anyone's view of the game.

So the batboy gets my 9-board that I put my cards on, and my pen, and takes them over with a few other people's items. Sapp signs, the kid brings the board back, but he's still using my pen on other peoples' items, so I wait to get my pen back.

So this other usher comes down from his perch at the top of our section and demands that all of us go back to our seats and not to get autographs in the middle of the game. So I wait to get my pen back, and he nearly shoves my board out of my hand saying "You need to go back to your seat. NOW."

So I tell him I'm waiting to get my pen back. Now, maybe he thinks I'm deaf or something, as he screams "Didn't you hear me? NO AUTOGRAPHS WHILE THE GAME IS GOING ON." I tell him, a little more irritated now, that I'm just waiting for my pen, it should be ten seconds, tops. He tries to stare me down (as though I'm going to be intimidated by a 70 year old on a power trip) and demands I go back to my seat and he'll return my pen to me. So I say "Okay, fine, whatever makes you feel like you have some importance here," and go back to some laughs from the people sitting around me.

I did eventually get my pen back.
Congratulations partner.

The Modano, Kidd and Sapp are hard to take. You missed the Mark Cuban, was there.