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I went to the Royals vs Astros game on Sunday. My daughter was there with Girl Scouts and I had some time to myself to walk around. I decided to go through the Hall of Fame. I hadn't been in there since last year. When I entered, there was a guy saying "HOF to the right....autographs to the left". I thought "Sweet I'll see who's signing." I got in line and there sat Jamie Bluma and Big John Mayberry. Mayberry asked me where my glove was, and I replied my daughter wanted to carry it when she went on the field with Girl Scouts.

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Yes. We go to a couple games a year.

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Ahh nice, I used to handle broadcasting for Wichita Falls in their league and made a few trips up there every year. I'm good friends with Arch, the Runners' former broadcaster. Called a few games in tandem with him over the years.

Anyways, I'll stop hijacking your thread haha.


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Nice stuff, I was at a Alumni signing there a few years ago with Leonard, Wathan and Mayberry. All really nice guys.