IP success 7/2

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Apr 8, 2008
Went to the Memphis Redbirds vs. Round Rock Express game last night. I've had alot going on the last few months and this was only the second game that I've gone to this summer. The main thing I wanted to get signed was a magazine with Lance Lynn on the cover for my Ole Miss Alumni PC, but I got to the game late because of work and Lynn wouldn't sign after the game so that was a bust. Also found out from a few of the regulars there that Craig Biggio showed up with Round Rock unannounced, but didn't stay for the game and they got his auto as he left and I missed him too :( !!! Ohh well, that how IP chasing goes sometimes. Here's what I did get:

Memphis Redbirds:
Blaise Ilsley (2/2) (coach)
Mark Budaska (1/1) (coach)
Chris Conroy (1/1) (athletic trainer)
Brandon Dickson (1/1)
Rich Rundles (1/1)
Ruben Gotay (2/2)

Round Rock Express:
Matt Kata (1/1)
Andy Van Hekken (1/1)
Ramon Vazquez (1/1)
Josh Banks (3/3)
Brian Esposito (1/1)

Nothing great but can't complain about getting 15 cards signed, it just stinks knowing I could have gotten Lynn and Biggio if I would have gotten to the game on time.

Hey Nate,
That is still a nice haul even if you missed the other 2 guys.Congratulations on the successes.