IP success.... or Ghost Signed???????

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May 11, 2007
Outside Providence
Last weekend the two stars of Ghost Hunters, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, were doing a book signing at a Barnes and Noble 2 miles from my house. My wife is a big fan (and it's a borderline guilty pleasure for me) but we were unable to attend. Fortunately, one of our friends happens to work at the B&N and scored this for us...


They're based right here in RI but they never seem to be at their HQ when I am driving by so this is the next best thing I guess...
Awesome success. I have been watching them for years. I follow them on Twitter and they had been advertising the book signing for weeks. I knew that there would be no way for me to go up there for that, so last week I sent them something to sign for me. Hopefully I get it back. Great success! and tell me how the book is
We love that show and the Ghost Adventures show on the Travel Channel. Our girls, 4th and 2nd grade, love those shows to.

Great job!