IP, Trades, Etc!


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I had one of the best maildays that I have had in a while today. I also had the day off work and decided to go out to Mobile to hit up the BayBears to graph a little bit. I wasn't able to get everything that I had signed, but still did decent. Here is what I came away with in total today...

Turner Ward - 2/2
Rico Brogna - 2/2
Roque Mercedes - 2/2
Cyle Hankerd - 1/1
Kory Casto - 1/1
Taylor Harbin - 2/2
Bryan Byrne - 2/2 (one magazine for trade/sale)
James Paxton - via trade w/ CW13
Doug Jones - via trade w/ CW 13
Bucky Dent - via trade w/ Ellis Shoe
Shawn Bradley - via trade w/ Ellis Shoe
Ron Mahay - via trade w/ DereksAutos
Jason Kubel - via trade w/ DereksAutos
Vladimir Guerrero GU - via trade on SCN
Ryan Garko - via trade on SCN