Is anyone else experiencing this problem while viewing posts?

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Jan 4, 2004
I haven't been on much lately over the course of the last month or so, so if anyone has already talked about this yet, please just forward me to the post.

What's going on is that when I open different threads and try to see other's posts, I can get to the original post by the thread starter, but beyond that the page freezes and I can't see beyond the original posting. I can sometimes refresh the page to make it show all the other posts but even that sometimes doesn't fix the problem. It's also not the type of browser or computer or even the internet I use, because I've tried safari, ie and mozilla... and each one creates the same problem. I've also tried different internet sources and also different types of computers, (dell using vista), mac, hp using xp and another hp using win7.

I might just want to submit a ticket, but I thought I'd throw this out here first to see if anyone else is experiencing the problem or if anyone of the team knows how to fix or help this issue.

Zac I've been having the same problem,the page will not show all the post,its like it only opens up to the very 1st post.
So when this happens,someone it tring to post on the thread,when this happens,I just go back to new posts and find the thread again,click on it and I'll be able to see all the post for that thread.I hope this helps.