It's about time! (Breaking the silence from 4/5)

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Aug 30, 2007
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The Michigan Thumb
Earlier this week I got my REFUSED letter from Alan Trammell, which means even MI residents can't get him.:mad: Today brought me one more though.:D

Jon Garland - 1/4
67 days
(Padres ST)
returned others unsigned


Mr. T's Comment: First off, finally! I was just getting ready to send out some more, but I feel better having something come back before I do. I picked him up in my fantasy team last week, so maybe that caused him to return my request. I think his great start delayed this a little bit, and cam just 10 days short of my longest wait record (Mr. Shea Hillenbrand).
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Thanks everyone, hopefully more to come soon!

Don't waste your time and money sending anything TTM to the Cubs at Wrigley or ST. The only signers are M.Fontenot and R.Dempster.

Trammell was the only one I sent to, and he does sign during a very small window of ST. I just got to him too late. I guess I need to go with the first week of Feb. instead of March.