Jackie Robinson

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Jan 20, 2009
Metairie, LA
Well I just knocked out one big auto on my HOF list. The envelope has many sigs on it whicj includes:
Jakie Robinson
Bobby Bragan
Arky Vaughan
Carl Furillo
Joe Hatten
*** Wee Reese
Ed Miksis
Ed Stankey
Dixie Walker
Spider Jorgensen
Gene Harm?
Al Glowfruddo
Ralph Branca
Hal Cregg
Rex Barwey

The players ties to jackie is they were all team mates. They were all one the Dodgers in 1947 and were there for jackie's first game.


Awesome piece. I just picked up an autod piece with Arky Vaughan and his auto is a very very tough auto.
Congrats: AJ
Gene Hermanski is the name you have a question on.
Commissioner A.D. Hap Chandler is also there, I believe, under PeeWee Reese.
Nice pick-up! However, I think you mistook Chandler for Vaughan though, unless I am missing the obvious.

Must be some on the back, as I don't see Walker, Gregg or Harm either.
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Cool... where do you guys find all this old stuff at?

Well my father's good friend spent his whole life collecting autos. He lived in New Jersey and grew up with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Yankees. He is 72 now. He started collecting autos at a very young age. He also became a member on the board for the rooklyn Dodger HOF. So he knew all the player. He was very close with Gil Hodges. He also was a vender at the national shows and never missed any event that had baseball, basketball, football, hockey, movie stars and presidents. He acumulated over 10,000 autos. So he is up and age and sells them to me. His kids dont care about any of his collection so he pretty much lets me have what I want for real good prices. The pictures he has with the players are amazing, along with his stories. Right now Im getting a Babe Ruth auto from him. Cant wait to get that in my hands.

Thanks for all the compliments