Jake Arrietta 2010 Rookies

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5.00 star(s)
Dec 31, 2005
Looking for 2010 Jake Arrietta Rookies. Looking to trade but will buy for
the right price.

Web Page = www/freewebs.com/xzyxzy
I have a 2010 topps chrome Arrieta and would trade it for these two:

2015 Prizm Diamond Marshals Die Cut Clayton Kershaw #3
2014 Donruss Rated Rookie Tyler Collins #23


The Arrieta books for $5. The Carpenter & Scruggs book for $8 each.
Do you have a trade list that I can look at??
Here's my 2016 Tradelist:
2016 Tradelist:


2016 Topps
Base(please ask)
2016 Topps Elvis Andrus Gold /2016
2016 Topps Chris Davis Rainbow Foil 14
2016 Topps Trayce Thompson Rainbow Foil 62
2016 Topps Kyle Schwarber Rainbow Foil 66
2016 Topps John Danks Rainbow Foil 71
2016 Topps Luke Gregerson Rainbow Foil 243
2016 Topps Joc Pederson Rainbow Foil 263
2016 Topps Chris Heston Rainbow Foil 267
2016 Topps Back To Back B2B-12
2016 Topps MLB Debut MLBD-5(bronze and silver)
2016 Topps First Pitch FP-6
2016 Topps First Pitch FP-8
2016 Topps First Pitch FP-13
2016 Topps First Pitch FP-14
2016 Topps Perspectives P-15
2016 Topps Perspectives P-25
2016 Topps Pressed Into Service PIS-5
2016 Topps Walk Off Winners WOW-6
2016 Topps Walk Off Winners WOW-15
2016 Topps Wacky Packages MLBW-3

2016 Topps Opening Day
Base: 47,78,81,124,125,172,176,187
2016 Topps Opening Day Alternate Reality AR-15

2016 Donruss
Base(please ask)
2016 Donruss 1982 Style D82-16
2016 Donruss 1982 Style D82-17
2016 Donruss 1982 Style D82-29
2016 Donruss Diamond Kings 17
2016 Donruss Diamond Kings 23 Pink Parallel
2016 Donruss Diamond Kings 28
2016 Donruss Power Alley PA10
2016 Donruss The Prospects TP3
2016 Donruss The Prospects TP7(have 2)
2016 Donruss The Prospects TP10
2016 Donruss The Prospects TP12
2016 Donruss The Prospects TP14
2016 Donruss Studio S7 RC
2016 Donruss Studio S9 RC
2016 Donruss The Rookies TR3
2016 Donruss The Rookie TR7
2016 Donruss USA Baseball USA-9 /299
2016 Donruss USA Baseball USA-24

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen
Base:please ask
Mini Base:19,69,157,213,264,293
2016 Gypsy Queen Ryan Zimmerman 243 Mini Purple 163/250
2016 Gypsy Queen Glove Stories GS-2
2016 Gypsy Queen Glove Stories GS-8
2016 Gypsy Queen MVP Mini MVPM-MT
2016 Gypsy Queen MVP Mini MVPM-FT
2016 Gypsy Queen Power Alley PA-8
2016 Gypsy Queen Walk off Winners GWO-1
2016 Gypsy Queen 24 Charlie Blackmon Blue Framed
2016 Gypsy Queen 72 Gary Sanchez Blue Framed
2016 Gypsy Queen 100 Mike Moustakas Blue Framed

2016 Topps Stickers(Wacky Packages)
2016 Topps Stickers 55 Green Foil

2016 Topps Heritage
Base(please ask)
2016 Topps Heritage Then And Now TAN-BS

Autographs to trade:
(All are Certified Autographs unless Stated)
2015 Bowman Chrome Drew Dosch Auto
2011 Bowman Drew Gagnon IP Auto
2010 Bowman Chrome Brad Davis RC IP Auto
2009 Upper Deck Craig Breslow Auto
2014 Panini Prizm Zach McAllister Auto
2015 Topps Chrome Jason Rodgers Auto
2013 Panini Rob Scahil RC Auto
2015 Bowman Adam Plutko Silver Auto /499
2015 Bowman Chrome Amir Garrett Auto
2014 Bowman Inception Ryan McMahon Auto
2014 Bowman Sterling Nick Gordon Auto
2014 Bowman Sterling Matt Barnes Refractor Auto /150
2014 Bowman Sterling Jacob Gatewood Ref Auto /150
2011 Bowman Drew Gagnon IP Auto
2010 Bowman Chrome Brad Davis RC IP Auto

Joe Charboneau 8x10 Autograph TRI-STAR authentic

GUsed/Manufactured Items:
2013 Topps Chasing History Jared Weaver Auto
2002 Topps 206 Eric Chavez Framed Relic
2015 Topps Heritage Paul Goldschmidt Relic
2015 Topps Heritage Gerrit Cole Gold Relic /99
2015 Topps Career High Ian Kinsler Relic
2014 Topps Stephen Strasburg Manufactured Patch
2016 Topps MLB Debut Medallion Yu Darvish

2014-2015 Panini Bruno Caboclo Relic 028/199 (Basketball Relic)


The Arrieta books for $5. The Carpenter & Scruggs book for $8 each.
Do you have a trade list that I can look at??

Didn't find much on your list. I would be interested in these:

2016 Gypsy Queen MVP Mini #MT ( I assume this is Mike Trout) $5
2016 Topps Rainbow Foil Kyle Schwarber #66 $5
2016 Topps Rainbow Foil Joc Pederson #263 $3

Do you have any Heritage SP's??