Jamie Moyer, Andre Dawson, and TTMs

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I hope that he comes back in Phillies pinstripes. It's always a treat to see a man play the game and wear the uniform like it's supposed to be.
Maybe some of his teammates will follow suit. I know the Phillies are swamped with mail, but if Moyer can sign then maybe instead of pre-printed postcards, they will elect to sign at least SOME of their mail.
Awesome story! Thanks for the link Ed! I've been hoping that Moyer could some how stretch his career long enough to get 300 Wins. I wish...

Did you guys see Dawson's HOF Speech? I loved it! I will be playing it on a loop in my our little ones room after they arrive! If there ever was an athlete who should be looked at as a role model, Dawson is just that. Class.