Jason Heyward

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Apr 24, 2006
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Conway, AR
I'm curious as to what you guys think, will Heyward's RC's and RC Auto's retain their current value or drop even if he still does very well? In other words is he, like and maybe even feeding from Strasburg?? where he has no where to go but down?

I never really did the RC thing but took a flyer this year since he's a big bad Brave!!
I think he will retain the value and possibly go up I think he is a star in his own rite and will be for many years to come
Hitter's will retain if they are the real deal, you're almost always going to lose on a pitcher from what I have seen in terms of prospecting.
Yea well I waited too late I guess to start buying Heyward.. And I actually just bought a couple of his high dollar RC in dupes cuz I bought one and saw another a couple days later for 30 less.. And so it goes..

But really I was wanting to go for super-collecting this guy but if his low #'ed / autos stay at this height I will never be able to ..

Is there a base super-collector badge? :eek:
Unfortunately, even if he does fade this year, I just don't see anyone dumping their autos they paid $150+ for. So, while the demand may decrease somewhat, the supply won't increase at all. I think his autos will continue to be affordable for only the diehard collector.

That said, I agree that they will only rise as he seems like a superstar-in-the-making. And like Meliah said, hitters will most likely retain their value, but I can't say the same for Strasburg.
There is only one way to go and that is down. I have to say unless he is the rookie of the year and MVP. If not it will fall. This is my opinion of course.
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Pujols cards are still flying high! So this kid is 20 years old....so he might be a good prospect to collect. But the auto and 1/1 could be out of your reach....money wise! Best regards, David
Up, Up, & Up- this guy is 20 years old & already doing very well. He will be a star for many years.
I thinks his cards will go up but not that much figure jeters best rookie card is only worth $100 so you never know
Only one position player in recent memory has actually built upon the hype of a good rookie season. PUJOLS. And Albert Pujols is a freak. I took every one of my Jason Heyard RC's from those '07 BDP/BDP Chrome/BDP Gold sets and sold them on ebay after opening day. I'll pick them up later when they are back to normal.

Anyone remember how high Jeff Franceour's 2002 Bowman Draft cards were going? Not comparing Jason Heyward (THE PLAYER) to Franceour, as I think Heyward is going to be good for years to come, but I do think the hobby situation is very similar. Look at Jay Bruce. He was as hot as they come. True, he has suffered some injuries, but when he is healthy - he is a fantastic young player. His cards have cooled considerably.

Just remember this one thing when you buy prospects/young rookies............the next big thing is just around the corner!


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