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First real signing opportunity for me is the Rockies fanfest usually in late January. This past saturday was the 2015 fanfest and like last year it was a fun time with most of the team present for the days events. There are ticketed autograph sessions throughout the day as well as chance to catch guys before and after the various Q&A sessions held throughout the day. I'd say that I did about as well as last year and got a good head start to my 2015 rockies goals. A couple guys who were supposed to appear Kyle Parker and Jordan Lyles were no shows so missed out there unfortunately.

Eric Young 1/2
Tyler Anderson 1/1, 2/2
Chad Bettis 2/2
Eddie Butler 2/2, 1/1
Jhoulys Chacin 1/1
Tyler Chatwood 1/2, 1/1
Adam Ottavino 1/1
Nick Hundley 1/1
Mike McKendry 1/1
Nolan Arenado 1/1
Daniel Descalso 2/2
Justin Morneau 1/1
Brandon Barnes 4/8
Charlie Blackmon 2/8
Drew Stubbs 1/1
Corey Dickerson signed Rockies magazine



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First spring training returns

Yoervis Medina 2/2 - 9 days - c/o Mariners spring training
Cole De Vries 0/1 - 9 days - c/o Twins spring training
* Returned with note that Cole is no longer with the team. At least the card was returned.



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I always wonder when they sign their autograph on their crotch (see Corey Dickerson - Batman).

I got my first crotch-o-graph at a fan day for the Alabama basketball team back in the early 90s. I definitely felt like he was making a statement about having to come in on a Saturday to sign autographs. The good news was that Antonio McDyess signed the team poster and it wasn't him.


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Fredi Gonzalez RTS 0/2 c/o Braves ST - looks like everyone is getting skunked by the Barves
Tom Wilhelmsen 1/2 10 days c/o Mariners ST
Doug Fister 2/2 22 days c/o Nationals ST