Jimmy Jones Private Signing

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Jun 2, 2008
Doing this private signing on SCN, but thought I would shoot this info to you guys in case you were interested as well.

Jimmy Jones
* San Diego Padres (1986-88)
* New York Yankees (1989-90)
* Houston Astros (1991-92)
* Montreal Expos (1993)
* Yomiuri Giants (1994-95)

It is official I have confirmed that Jimmy will be home here in Dallas area between May 29th and June 8th and has agreed to sign all of our items during that time frame. Most likely the signing will be the morning of June 4th so I am asking that you have all items to me by May 28th, just in case we have to do the signing earlier during his stay.

Your items
All Items $5

If you need any cards of him please let me know, I have a ton of them.

5% thru the mail rating on SCN!!

Payments accepted: Check, Money Order or Paypal ( Hidden cash at your own risk)
(Add $1 per item for paypal fees)

Paypal address is: [email protected]

Send payment and items to (please include Self addressed Stamped envelope and user name attached to all items):

Darrell Halk
4106 Windy Meadow Dr.
Corinth, Texas 76208

* If you need a recommendation for me check out the threads for the glenn wilson signings!
all messages responded to via pm.

Mrjs36, i put you down. Those 8x10s for diaz should be to my house first of next week and headed your way
So far I have received these from thebench users

greatdadx2- 88 Topps- Paid
Expos94- expos card- Paid

many others from SCN

who else?
Scott Forbes (not sure if this user is on SCN or thebench), got your order today, please PM need some clarification on your inscription.
just wanted to remind people in case you were interested in getting stuff in for this
benjammin- received your 4 cards today and switched out one of the 89 fleers with a 93 donruss as you had requested
If anyone needs reassurance about this, I can vouch for this person... helped me out big time for the Glenn Wilson signing.
benjammin- received your 4 cards today and switched out one of the 89 fleers with a 93 donruss as you had requested

Awesome, thanks Darrell. Ditto to the vouching for this guy. Got a nice set hit with the Wilson a few months back thanks to him and the JJ will soon be another one.
thanks for all the support and vouching for me guys! Good news, I am meeting with Jimmy tomorrow at 9am to get all of your stuff signed
Jimmy Jones

Awesome day with Jimmy, he was so down to earth and said he would love to sit down with me again and sign anything for any of you guys after the baseball season as he is coaching the azl padres.

All of your stuff got signed and turned out great in my opinion. I will be hitting the post office tomorrow to send it all back out. Please post when you receive, leave feedback and if you would hit up my member references.

If anyone has any issues with your item please let me know.


me and Jimmy