Joe Carter via TTM

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Feb 3, 2007
San Jacinto, Ca.
Would like to know what the success rate is for Joe Carter & current addy?

I have a dual card that is already signed by Cory Snyder...want to see if it is worth the risk to send to Carter

Thanks for any info
I sent to Carter and got a return back in a few weeks.. that was a year or so ago. Best thing to do is get Snyder to sign another TL card and take the chance with Carter. Snyder signs just about anything you send to him, I think I have maybe 6-8 cards signed by Snyder.. that is what I am doing with the 87 TL cards.
47% success rate sounds about right. I've never had a success with him, but I've only tried him a handful of times. I'm probably 0-for-5 with him.