Josh Hamilton...finally!


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With all the recent successes for Josh, I was hoping I wouldn't get left out. Today's mail brought back a 1/2 success, he signed a Beckett cover, but not a card that was part of the Rangers fan pack. Glad to finally get this one back...out 6/24, back 12/3. Sorry for the dark picture, but dark sharpie on dark background wasn't working well.



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Very cool succes, congratulations! That cover looks REALLY nice signed!

I myself sent out to Josh last August (2008) and got a ball back signed the day after Thanksgiving (2008). I tried a 2008 Ginter card for my set this year and sent out in August again. I have seen successes that started rolling in around beginning of November this year that were mostly from ST. I just hope I receive my card back signed.