Just a Thank You to all !!

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Jan 15, 2008
Orion Arm
Hello Everyone,
The other night I was putting away some cards that I pick up at the local flea market.They were nothing big,just some Oscar Gamble cards from the 70's.When I put them in my 5000 count box with my other Indians cards I decided to just take a look at some of the other cards I had in there.
I'm the kind of collector that I when I trade for a good card I will keep it out on display for a few weeks.I have a place on my dresser or desk,but after the next one is received I just will put it away for maybe a rainy day or till a friend visits that enjoys the hobby too.
Well when I reached into that 5000 count box and pulled out the first handful of cards and started to look through them, the reality really hit me about how many great cards I have received through trades on this site.I have cards that I never would have found in the area that I live in.
I just wanted to say thank you to all the people I have made trades with here.I also wanted to say thanks to all the Mods and Advisers that make this site so enjoyable and successful.I also want to apologize to anyone that I angered if I have.I'm not the perfect person and if I have said something to upset you please forgive me.

Thanks again to all,
I am sure evereyone who has traded with you appreciate your thank you. Like everyone says There is the best place on the web .
I am sure many of our members appreciate a post like this. Glad you have been able to grow your collection through The Bench.

On a personal note, I was one of your first trades here, and you traded me one of the favorite cards in my collection.


That's a 2000 E-X Essential Credentials Now parallel, serial #01/18. Try and find one of those anywhere! :D Thanks again, Clint.
Clint, thanks for the post. As someone who has traded with you four times (I looked it up) I know you're a great trader and I look forward to more.