Just add a ton of Gehrigs

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Aug 9, 2003
Elizabethtown, KY
Before I left on my recent trip to Thailand I worked a deal with an older gentleman who was selling his entire collection of cards. I had previously picked up 60 or so Gehrig cards since I could not afford all of them at once. Well, I finished up our deal on the first and he sent the remaining 123 cards!!!:D !!!:D They are loaded in my bucket: http://s215.photobucket.com/albums/cc215/Gehrig041927/PC/Lou Gehrig/.

Most of these are the low numbered items I could not find on the secondary market. Well over $1200 BV for this lot and I got it for a great price. A find like this has put my collection at over 760 different Gehrig cards. Just had to share.

Plus there are a few Topps Sterling cards I got on eBay for good measure:)

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Hey DeWayne
I just said you need to work some on your Gehrig collectrion In another thread you made. That was fast working. Great addition to youralready fabulous collection. Pretty soon you will be upon a 1,000 . and keep going up
Your buddy
that is an impressive group Dewayne. Congrats on finding it. I used to have that Cadaco Disc, I forgot all about that one. Those were neat oddball. I wonder if that makes you the worlds biggest Gehrig collector? pat
This unknown is from the back page of a 1971 Dell Stamp Book, at least that looks exactly like the Dodgers on the back page of mine (I don't have a Yankee stamp book to check).

http://s215.photobucket.com/albums/... Gehrig/Misc/?action=view&current=0109109.jpg

This one is the Danbury Mint issue


This one looks like a Golden Legends card I have of Gil Hodges, but can't know for sure unless I saw the back

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Thanks for the look and card finding help ;) Doubt I have the biggest Gehrig collection but I am quite proud of it. Breaking 1000 will be a huge undertaking given I only have 750 in ten years of collecting. of course early on I was so poor I could not pay attention and missed out on all of the new breaks. It has only been the last three years or so I could afford to really put some effort into it.