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Aug 30, 2009
Hello everyone...new guy here...

I primarily collect baseball...looking for Hanley, King Felix, Ichiro, and Adam Jones...

I also do a little basketball but not nearly as much since my beloved SuperSonics became someone else's Thunder...

Word is the Bench is a million times better than the sites I currently use...

Lets get trading!

I dont think I have any of your needs but check my site for the McDonald finest blue and the Tulo AU
You heard right. 'The Bench' is the best trading site on the web.
We have a bunch of friendly, knowledgeable trades who are always willing to help.:)

Welcome. I'm a setbuider including a passion for parallel sets, my wants are on my site as well as extensive Trade page that has many good Ichiros you might need.
If you are looking for Sonics, I have these...

Game Used:
2006-07 SP Game Used "Authentic Fabrics" JERSEY 190 Johan Petro
2005-06 Sweet Spot "Jerseys" SSJ-RA Ray Allen #17/50
2005-06 Sweet Spot "Sweet Swatches" Green JERSEY SW-LR Luke Ridnour #163/250
2005-06 Upper Deck Ovation "Apparel" JERSEY OA-RL Rashard Lewis #07/50
2002-03 SP Game Used Edition 91 Vladimir Radmanovic

Inserts, Oddballs, Parallels...
2005-06 Bazooka MINI 158 Nick Collison
2003-04 Bazooka MINI 141 Jerome James
1995-96 Finest Mystery M4 Shawn Kemp
1992-93 Upper Deck McDonald’s P38 Shawn Kemp

I also have about 25 base singles that I would throw into any trade we make just to make some room in my trade box.

Let me know if anything catches your eye. For basketball, I collect Cavaliers. Otherwise, Jim Thome, Jake Peavy, Indians, Pirates, Steelers, Bills.

Welcome to The Bench - you should find it rewarding.

Welcome to the best trading family on the web. Feel free to check my tradelist on my www for Hanleys and Ichiros. I collect David Wright pms works best.
Welcome to the Bench!! I noticed you have an 07 Exquisite Garcia/Lindstrom dual auto /25. I don't have much of your wants, but lmk what you need for it. Thanks.
Wow! Thanks for all the support everyone! For those of you with trade offers, etc I will just PM...