Just Found an IP of a 3x All-Star, 1x AS MVP, 1x WS Champ, 4x NL Batting Champ!


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I just found this AU laying in my garage. When I was younger, I attended a baseball clinic at a place in NJ and there was somebody signing AU's and talking to the kids in the clinic. I had no idea who the guy was at the time but said what the heck I'll get him to sign my glove. I just remembered about this today and pulled out my glove and found out the AU was of....

Bill Madlock

He was:
3x All-Star ('75, '81, '83)
'75 All-Star Game MVP
4x NL Batting Champ ('75, '76, '81, '83)
'79 World Series Champion (Pirates)
.305 Career Average
2008 Career Hits
163 Career HR's
860 Career RBI

He played for:
Texas Rangers (1973)
Chicago Cubs (1974-1976)
San Francisco Giants (1977-1979)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1979-1985)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1985-1987)
Detroit Tigers (1987)
Lotte Orions: Japenese Team Currently the Chiba Lottes Marines (1988)

Pretty sweet AU to find just sitting around!


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Bill Madlock is probably the best African-American to ever play thirdbase, certainly better than Bonilla or Pendelton.


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Nice lost and found Item:D
Isnt it always nice when you find something you had , forgot about it and then remembered it