Just one today...


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For those who don't live in Michigan, I'll give you the story here.

MI legislation has cut an important scholarship called the Michigan Promise Scholarship (ironically, breaking promises:rolleyes:). It gives students who score sufficiently on the MME (Michigan Merit Exam) money for MI colleges.

Gov. Granholm is going to a handful of college campuses this week to tell students about her support for the scholarship and urging you to contact your representatives to pass a budget with the scholarship in it. Anyways, there was a picture opportunity afterwards...

Jennifer Granholm - 1/1 poster "Higher Education needs to be a Higher Priority"

Luckily, since I had nothing to get signed originally, I did get a poster. I also had stupid luck as I magically left a blue pen in my pocket from class this morning.

Poster is a little too big for the scanner, but I'll think about a way of getting a pic up later.