Just opened 2 Series 1 Mega boxes and am not exactly happy

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Mar 19, 2011
256 cards each box, so 512 cards total. Granted, way too many inserts, per usual.

Still need 50 cards to complete series 1. Did not get the following:

27 Trout
62 Judge
100 Goldschmidt
150 Acuna
206 HendersonG
250 Rutschman(R)
330 RodriguezJ

Is that some craphouse luck or what? Got one turqoise(blue/greenish) 1988 Eddie Murray, but it's scuffed on surface. Inserts very ho hum.

Design is ok, but wow, those are some of the most valuable cards of Series 1 that I didn't get out of a hell of a lot of packs.

Not real happy with my purchases, to say the least.
Bad luck to say the least...........The inserts are insane..............Might have a few that you need if you'll list them out...........Mike
I'm a set builder really.....not much into inserts. Maybe should change my way of thinking though.

I'm just kind of stunned at the cards I need to complete the set. Some of the top valued ones I'd guess.
Hey! I have most that u need: 27. Mike Trout Angels, 62. Aaron Judge Yankees, 150. Ronald Acuna Jr. Braves, 250. Adley Rutschman Orioles RC/rookie cup and 330. Julio Rodriguez Mariners Rookie Cup. I can post it as free cards and u need to confirm it so that I can get your mailing address. Best regards, David PS Rodriguez is the around $4.00 to $6.00....and the most expensive veteran is of course Mike Trout.
Due to the rising prices of boxes during COVID I quit buying boxes and really have no desire to now aside from opening a few packs here and there to scratch the itch. I build sets too and it's much easier (and cheaper) just buying lots in bulk and working off those.

At a show last weekend I picked up a lot of about 600 2021 and 2022 Upper Deck AEW base/golds/inserts for $15,which is about 1/2 the price of a blaster. How can you beat that? Each set only has 100 cards lol.
Box prices are going down you can get Chrome blasters for $26 on eBay and there are a good handful of hobby boxes you can score for under $100 dollars generally between $69-$89 dollars which compared to this time last year is cheap atleast in my opinion.