Kevin Youkillis

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Feb 9, 2010
Raleigh, NC
Sent to one of my favorite current Red Sox players about 45 days ago. Received signed on an 09 Allen and Ginter. Sent via Red Sox ST.
I have quite a few out to the Red Sox from spring training too. Hope to get those back. I tried Beckett which I kow is a shot in the dark but I cna at least say I tried. Maybe I will get lucky with Dice K!
i tried lars anderson, ellsbury, josh reddick, and pedroia

i knew i prob wasnt going to get anything back from pedroia or ellsbury but i am hoping for the other two.
I sent out to Youkillis, JD Drew, Josh Beckett, Varitek, Dice K and Pedroia.

Only got Youkillis back so far. Hope I get others. I just wanted to try these guys so at least I can say I tried.