Kirk Cousins project

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Jun 17, 2012
Last year I won my football league on the arm of Kirk Cousins. I started him over Brady in the championship game and pulled off the upset. The person I beat hosts our auction draft every year and I want to set up a surprise for him. With help from his wife, I am going to place Cousins cards all over his house so the gift of his beatdown will go on giving all year long. So I need Kirk cousins cards. No inserts or rookies or extravagant cards as I assume he will destroy any he finds. Just cheap base cards, the more the better. I don't collect football but have a ton of baseball available so if you can help, please send me your baseball wantlists.

Thank you in advance for supporting this project.

i collect mn twins trevor plouff,brian dozier, joe mauer,, miguel sano,byron buxton, harmon killebrew.
and these non twins bryce harper,derek jeter,kris bryant, giovanni staton let me know what you have of these guy and i can dig u up some cousins cards
Cool. I'll check this weekend. Just to be clear though, I only want crap Cousins cards. I anticipate Cousins cards to be destroyed when found.

Thanks for looking...Joe