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Bench Warmer
Dec 21, 2012
Fair Haven VT
I have some Kobe Bryant Rookie card I pulled back in 1996 And they both look great to me..If I knew more about grading them I would send them in. But I'm looking to trade one or both...I do have others from that year of him But there classic or some off brand .I'm looking for baseball rookie cards..And I know there's some 2022 Bowman packs from out of the Mega Boxes that people don't even open because there's no mojo's in them or any inserts But I would even trade towards some of them.. But would rather have the better end rookies.And I'm looking for the better rookies from the last few years.. But a 2018 Shohei Ohtani RC would be nice And some 2022 of Elly De La Cruz and even Wander Franco ...Send me your offers. And Im sure who ever gets these You will not be disappointed..And I belonged to this group for a long time Don't know why it's not showing it..But I took a break from collecting in 2011.


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I will also look at offers of unopened boxes..And I know everyone takes a chance on people weighing them..The makers of all brands have got to come out with ways to prevent it. Like more of the security cards they have in them now..it can be done..WHY are they not doing anything about this. It's hurting the sellers and buyers