Kris Bryant Awesome Moment

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Mar 18, 2022
Sedona AZ
Was at Rockies spring training at(Salt River Fields the other day, and brought along this box I got over the winter. The goal was for KB to sign, personalize, and put his MVP on there.

When he signed it, there were a lot of people trying, so I didn’t ask for any of that. But I went to the end of the line and asked if he had time to personalize it, which he did — but he said he didn’t have time to write the MVP on there (the game was about to start).

I was sitting by the Rockies bullpen, which at Salt River is right where the players enter and exit. After KB had a couple at bats, he left early. As he walked by, I asked if now he had time to write the MVP on there. Big smile, and he did it. Love this piece!

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