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Jan 23, 2010
hey guys thought it would be cool to start my own thread on what i get here's a start for the last two-three weeks thanks for looking as im sorry i dont have a scanner but im working on that

Danny Darwin c/o Home 90 UD 02/09/10 02/17/2010
Jeremy Sowers c/o Indians ST 09 Opchee 02/16/10 02/26/2010
Chone Figgins c/o Mariners ST 04 Topps 02/16/10 02/26/2010
Ricky Orta c/o M’s ST 02 RC 02/22/10 03/02/2010
thanks guys appreciate the comments yeah was stoked to see figgins signing again i think he only does during st gotten him every year so far
thanks again guys world good luck on getting figgins please let me know about those cora cards two updates today guys

Michael Saunders c/o Mariners ST 02/23/2010 03/04/2010 09 Heritage RC signed and personalized To Jacob Mariners Debut 2009 pretty cool asked him to put it that way

Bob Friend c/o home 09 heritage then and now w/ Cliff Lee 02/25/2010 03/04/2010 personalized
thanks again for looking take care and best of luck to all
just three from the weekened

Charlie Hough c/o Home Address 90 UD 02/04/2010 03/08/2010
Jeff Lagemen c/o Home 90 pro set 02/09/2010 03/06/2010
Eugene Lockhart c/o Home 90 Pro Set 02/09/10 03/03/2010
today brought set cards from vertigo in a trade and
Herschel Walker 87 topps rookie card c/o Home 02/23/2010 03/10/2010
Kelly Gruber c/o Home 01/23/2010 03/10/2010 another for 90 ud set personalized to jake be all the best you can be lol
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3 today one from last years football

Donnie Avery c/o Rams 09 score x2 10/07/09 3/10/2010
both signed in silver sharpie
Milton Bradley c/o Mariners ST 04 topps and 09 opchee weird signed the front of the opchee card and the back of the 04 topps wonder if he hates cleveland lol 02/26/10 03/11/10
Heath Bell c/o Padres ST 09 opchee 03/01/2010 3/11/2010

thanks again take care everyone
Luke Scott c/o orioles ST 03/01/2010 03/13/2010 signed another for opchee set personalized to jake god bless

Travis Lee c/o home 01/28/2010 03/13/2010 signed another for topps 04 set
also got my mariners stadium 8 x 10 of safeco from ebay so gonna start working on my first mariners project take care guys have a good weekened
thanks for the comments

Hideki Okajima c/o Red Sox ST 02/23/2010 03/15/2010 signed 09 opeechee for set

Ryan Church c/o Pirates ST 02/26/2010 03/15/2010 signed and personalized 09 heritage to jacob best wishes
Mack Strong c/o Home signed another 07 topps total for set and answered some questions personalized jacob go hawks 03/03/2010 03/19/2010